Cutting-edge Biotechnology, at the Service of our Patients.


Our team of leading biologists and geneticists have introduced more than 80 innovative therapies for infectuous and chronic diseases in the last five years.

Bedside Manner

Researchers spend time in the field, to familiarise themselves with the challenges they and their patients will have to face.

Prevention before Cure

Introducing innovative Retro-Viral treatments that strenghten patients against hardship and disease.


We are part of a large academic community and support several scholarships.
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Past Contracts

Where you might have seen us before.

2071 Ebola Outbreak

Medical Assistance

2075 UCS Haruna disaster

Rescue Operation - Disaster Relief

2076 Malaysia Mass Hysteria

Medical Assistance

2076 Proud Sponsor of the Gandhi NGO Awards


2078 New Retroviral treatments introduced


2079 Szakadt-class breaks speed record


2082 CurEat alien crop cultivation



Our response team for [Princess Fleet] (not your location?)
Come meet us on board the Asclepius!

Dr. Decebal Kórica M.D.

Company Exeutive Officer - Team Leader

Decebal is a senior executive officer for BP and the current head of Field Operations. He is a certified psychiatrist and specialises in mental health support.

Cpt. Ilonara Kórica

Captain, Pilot & Navigation Officer

Ilonara is the Captain of the Asclepius. Previously, she served as a Szakadt pilot, with multiple high-risk missions under her belt.

F/O Richard Black

Bolygo COO & Asclepius XO

Richard joined Bolygo in 2075 as their COO, after a career in consultancy. He is passionate about projecting Bolygo’s world-class healthcare across the final frontier.

Dr. Gal Tzalul M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Gal leads the Asclepius' medical team. She has extensive field experience and heads several Research Projects on genetic engineering.

C/M/E Sergei Kovač

Chief Engineer

Sergei is a veteran engineer, with years of service in the commercial sector. He was the lead supervisor for the Asclepius refitting.

Let's Save Lives


Faltescu building, Unirii Sq.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania, #CN3478




Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 1pm.